Laura was hired as Interim Head of School during a very challenging period for the school. It took Laura very little time to have a deep understanding of the school’s needs through observation and taking the time to meet with all staff and families. She has excellent rapport with community members, is organized, an extremely fast learner, and understands how to carefully provide structure to organizations in need of change. Laura is an excellent communicator and effectively runs large and small group meetings. I felt supported by Laura in my teaching role and admire her for her professionalism and exceptional leadership qualities. I highly recommend Laura as a leader in any non-profit, for-profit, or public organization.

Jennifer Hawkins, Head Primary Teacher, Pacific Crest Montessori School

I observed Laura to be an outstanding leader at BWS. Her job clearly presented many different tasks and challenges (that required a range of skills) and she did them all–the wide range–with poise, competence, and heart. I felt heard, supported, and valued under her leadership, and witnessed her skills develop gracefully during my time at BWS. She is a creative and innovative leader with vision and a strong moral compass committed to equity.

Emily Affolter, PhD Candidate


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